Blog Entry 4 – Australian Television Shows!

Blog Task 4

“Compare online activities of 3 Australian TV shows across at least 2 different networks (channel 7, 9, 10). Analyze their online marketing activities, domain, content, connections, community, communication, cross promotion”.



About: MasterChef is a channel Ten television competitive cooking show franchise, originally created in the United Kingdom. The popular competitive show has been distributed around the world, and is now produced in more than 40 countries. The three judges on the show are well known and distinguishable in the cooking industry, individuals such as Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.


MasterchefAustraliaFacebookOne feature, which makes this show so popular, is that it can be watched at various times during the day. Also, the recipes shown in each episode can be aired repetitively, which makes cooking shows very suitable for product placement (‘Hot or cold: product placement in cooking shows’, 2015).

Marketing Activities

The official MasterChef page is shown on the Ten website. On this website there are many interactive marketing techniques. Viewers are about to rematch missed episodes, view previous auditions, access profile information on contestants, view photos, past videos and recipes. There is also a social media link on the website where viewers can interact with the Masterchef contestants and other fans. Also, Facebook shows the most recent updates and recipes on their Facebook page, presenting the latest ‘food crazes’ and giving viewers new tips and tricks for cooking. All top ten Masterchef contestants also have their own Instagram page, where they share with their fans their own personal journey on the show. MasterChef Australia is on many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Beamly.




Content, Community and Communication

MasterChef Australia has a strong fan base. What contributes to this immensely is the amount of support and followers on social media. Masterchef’s Twitter account has over 200,000 followers, and has an impressive twelve thousand tweets. This social media platform allows the viewers to ‘tweet’ into the show about each present episode, their favorite contestants, and recipes.

On the Official MasterChef website, viewers are also able to get knowledge on contestants, have admission to all their limited recipes, catch up on prior episodes and have an insight on the contestants life after they leave Masterchef. MasterChef Australia also has an Instagram account, which has about 86,000 followers. Instagram allows viewers to see the latest events for each contestant, favorite reipes and upcoming news regarding the show.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.08.28 pm


Connections and Cross Promotion

MasterChef Australia’s most current season, season seven, has said to be one of the most viewed shows in Australia, and thefore very looked-for for sponsors. On the Official MasterChef website, there is a complete sheet devoted to the shows partners and sponsors. There are 54 partners in total, and some of these partners include Coles, Qantas, Liquorland, and Harvey Norman. On this page viewers can read information about the partners, and has links leading to their website. Anyone who watchd the show can see that Coles is one of the main sponsors of MasterChef Australia.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.09.02 pm

Coles had its name displayed on each episode and during every commercial break. Coles also hosted in-store challenges, promoted Masterchef on their social media, and also supported current recipes using their ingredients. More of MasterChef’s cross promotions is shown on their Facebook and Twitter page, where they encourage fans to download the ‘Masterchef Kitchen Tour App’. This app shows the most recent recipes, tips such as ‘where to buy the freshest ingredients’, catch up episodes and even purchase from the Masterchef store.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.08.45 pm

The Block

About: The Block is an Australian reality TV show on the WIN network. It is currently known as Australia’s biggest renovation reality series. In each season, couples or families of two have the chance to renovate a location over the course of twelve weeks. This is then judge by high-profile judges, which are then sold at auction for the highest price.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.06.25 pm


Marketing Activities and Domain

The Block is a highly interactive show, with a diversity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Twitter account is highly popular, with 94,000 followers, and over 41,000 tweets. During active episodes, viewers can tweet about each episode, whether it be feedback, their favorite contestants etc. A selection of these tweets are then chosen to be ‘popped up’ and shown to all viewers in the episode. Also, Instagram users can follow The Block’s account, as well as the page of their favorite team. From this platform, viewers are then able to enter in competitions, and see the latest episodes, and ‘unique’ furnishes and tips shown in each present episode.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.06.53 pm

Content, Community and Communication

The Block’s website is tremendously appealing and engaging for the viewers, as it allows the users to access content anytime of the day. From the website, viewers are able to catch up missed episodes, view accomplished housings, unique behind the scene clips, and access to the online shop selling items that have featured throughout the series. The Block has a large number of followers on Facebook, with this current season almost consuming half a million likes.



Connections and Cross Promotion

The Block is seen to have many connections and cross promotions from their diverse social media platforms. What makes this show so special is that it inspires people at home to create a new and better home for themselves. This is where ‘The Block’s’ social media can be extremely beneficial. On the official ‘The Block Jump-In’ website, viewers are able to view the list of the suppliers and tradesmen of the show. They then gain access to the information of these, suppliers and products, and are then able make purchases of their own, recreated their experience on the block, however with their own home.


The Voice

About: The Voice is a popular reality television singing competition franchise. The show is structured into three segment, the first being the blind auditions, followed by battle rounds, which then leads to the live performance shows.


Marketing Activities and Content

There are many social media platforms for The Voice, most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. A main concept for the show is based around the judges. In the most previous season, there were four iconic music professionals from the music industry being the judges, namely Ricky Martin, Jessi J, Delta Goodrem and the Madden Brothers.

thevoice20151280x720.ashxPrevious to being judges on The Voice, their fame and fans have already led them to have a strong fan base. Therefore being a judge on The Voice, is a great influencer and promoter for the show. Each judge has his or her own personal Instagram accounts, where they personally encourage their fans to vote, support and watch the show. This is an extremely strong marketing technique, as celebrity interaction can be seen as one of the strongest influencers for fans and viewers.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.04.25 pm



As the judges have already a great and immense fan base with truly international followings, the task of communicating with fans can be challenging for these music celebrities. Each celebrity judge has adapted in their own way not only to stardom but also to the unpredictable growth of social media currently taking place around the world. The judges and contestants too are all very deliberately active in social media, having conversations not only during but also after into the days following the live show.

Community and communication

The key message for this show is to show that anyone has the right and opportunity to show their voice. What is so successful about this show, is that they connect and expel this with their social media platforms also. The Voice is arguably one of the best social television series in Australia. The powerful force behind the show’s theatrical content is an idea that sincerely resonates with the viewer, and leaves the viewer with a moment they want to share. Their greatest approaches is integrating social media conversations to impact the live content. Whilst it’s not unusual for programs like the ABC’s Q&A to do things like display viewers’ tweets on the screen or have a social media manager amplify content with questions via a Facebook page, The Voice takes socializing content across multiple channels to another level (Messent, 2012).

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.28.08 pm

Cross Promotion

A key differentiator for The Voice has been its use of Social Media. Each judge and contestant tweets regularly, and The Voice has their very own ‘social media correspondent’. Viewers’ tweets are also displayed on screen, encouraging others to engage with the live show. Subsequently, there’s been high traffic of the shows social media activity. The Voice’s Clickstream shows a significant 20% of their traffic coming from social sites last week, including Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter (Daley, 2015).


List of References:

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  1. Great post there! Look neat and nice! As a Korean, it is interesting to see how you posted the photo of Korean Master chef haha really like it!! And great information in the context as well!! Impressive work


  2. I forgot how annoying those coles ads used in Masterchef were… Interesting post though! I don’t watch The Voice, so it was intetesting to read about that show, and its use of tweets on the show. Its a really good way to market the show and create a lot of discussion!


  3. First of all really loved the theme of your blog, it looks so fresh and neat. I appreciate your research and way of presenting your analyzation, it increased my knowledge too much extent.
    Just wanna say, your blog was worth commenting 🙂


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